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Private Sector, Executive Arm of Mines and Mining Industries

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Fortunately, the first part was fulfilling due to the follow-ups during this time and some large-scale projects, including Zarshuran Gold, Venezuela Cement, the second phase of waterfront in Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries, Potash in Khur and Biabanak, and petroleum coke pilot project, etc were launched whereas more than 10 projects are planned to be opened in March 2015-2016.

The sponge iron project of the provincial plans is one of the leading projects that will be operational in the coming months.

One of the features of the current projects undertaken by IMIDRO is the participation of local private and sometimes foreign companies based on the new policies defined by Government of Hassan Rouhani , as well as the resistance economy.

In general, carrying out mines and mining industries projects leads to the dynamism in private companies and results in the income growth, employment increase rate, as well as a boost in domestic technical and engineering abilities.

Under the organization's mission, which is to develop the mines and mining industries sector, the ground will be prepared for the realization of private company’s potentials in the supply chain of minerals production, and mining industries including steel, copper, aluminum, gold, titanium, lead, zinc, etc.

In this path, IMIDRO sees itself as an umbrella company that designs the developmental projects in different parts of the country while the private sector is the executive arm of the projects.

As the development of exploratory projects is a prerequisite of mobility in the mine and metallurgical industries sector, the mission has incepted two years ago based on the long-term objectives. So far, ​​240,000sq km of the country’s land is covered.

IMIDRO hopes that Iran's geological potentials contribute to the increase of mineral reserves as of 50 percent.

The mission was achieved in a large scale Sangan Mine located in Razavi Khorasan and iron ore reserves increased from 600 mt to 1.2 bt.

The discovery of new elements in the area, such as lead and zinc was an achievement while the experts had not previously known.

IMIDRO’s exploration projects is an infrastructure for the country’s future plans and supplying  raw materials for various industries including iron and steel.

The existence of vast mineral deposits contributes to the reassurance of the investors and industrialists in the field. In fact, IMIDRO paves the way for achieving the missions and visions of the country's mines and mining sector.

This aim can be reached through contribution of the private companies, and its reflection can be seen in METAFO Exhibition.

The participation of local private sector companies in the 12th Iran METAFO Exhibition and presenting the latest achievements in various engineering, construction and implementation sectors reflects a part of Iranian companies’ capacities

Mehdi Karbasian