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NewsIran an Emerging Market for Investment

Iran an Emerging Market for Investment

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According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, Addressing Italian Ambassador , deputy of Italy’s foreign minister and managers of large mining ,investment, banking, financial and insurance firms from Iran and Italy during Iran _Italy trade Forum ,Mehdi Karbasian, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO announced that Iran has one of the lowest production cost for mines & mining Industries due to low price of energy, raw material, mineral reserves, low labor costs and transportation systems and access to neighbors’ market so theses create good opportunities for foreign investors in different sectors.

He added that Iran is not so dependent on oil revenue and relies on a wide range of industries like Auto, Petrochemicals, Food industries, transportation and mines and mining industries which have high potentials for direct investment and joint venture with foreign partners.

IMIDRO and Danieli start their cooperation and Danieli is preparing technical and economic feasibility plan for creation of steel chain in Chabahar zone. Iran is seeking for 250 B$ investment in different projects in Sixth Development Plan, will start from March2017,which create good opportunities to broaden economic ties with other countries such as Italy especially in mines and mining industries sector, Karbasian said.